Institutions must do their part to keep students of color engaged and increase retention--success coaching is a necessary part of that.

Success coaching can help minority students’ retention and graduation–here’s how

Institutions must do their part to keep students of color engaged and increase retention

White students have historically experienced higher graduation rates at American colleges and universities than minority students. The Hechinger Report found that graduation rates for White students stood 2.5 times higher than for Black students and 60 percent higher than that of Latino students.

Despite recent improvements to higher-ed access, White students remain in the majority, with fewer than 40 percent of enrolled students identifying as a race other than White. Regardless of the recent increase in Black and Latino enrollment, students of color remain the majority of those who drop out.

The problem does not improve in community college environments. A recent study from the Community College Review found that the two-year college completion rate for students of color is only 24 percent. A further 12 percent of students from underrepresented minority groups transfer to bachelor’s degree programs within four years of enrolling in a community college, and a mere 7 percent of low-income and minority community college students earn a bachelor’s degree within ten years.

College graduation rates vary substantially across racial groups. Federal data shows that White students who began attending a four-year college in 2010 graduated at a rate of 63.9 percent within six years, while Black students who started college in the same year graduated at a rate of 39.9 percent. Bias and systemic barriers can often restrict minority students from achieving success, and when the pandemic struck, traditionally disadvantaged populations were affected even more. Higher-ed institutions witnessed enrollments drop for Black and Hispanic populations at a greater rate than their White counterparts.

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